Do you think you’re ready for breast implants? As surgeries go, implants are safe and straightforward, and the actual surgery is not something you have to think about too much. However, you may want to put some thought into your desired results, as well as how you will handle the recovery process.

Points To Re-Consider Before Breast Implants

Here are some things to consider:

1. What is your desired material?

Broadly speaking, there are three main materials: saline, silicone gel, and cohesive gel.

Saline creates a firm round shape, and is very non-invasive. Silicone gel feels a lot like normal fatty tissue and is a little lighter, but may leave more of a scar than saline. Cohesive gel feels natural and is immune to ruptures. It’s also best for more natural-looking teardrop-shaped breasts.

All three are safe. Although saline and silicone implants can rupture, these ruptures are not dangerous to your health.

2. What is your desired shape?

Your desired shape is much more important than your desired size. Not all sizes work for all body types, and your surgeon will likely know best. What a surgeon does need from you, however, is a general idea of what you want to achieve. Bring along before/after pictures to show how you want your chest to look.

3. Do you want any additional procedures?

Surgeries are cheaper and easier if you bundle them together. Although implants will increase your volume, they do not always prevent sagging. A breast lift can be easily combined with an implant procedure, making your breasts larger and younger at the same time.

4. Do you have proper bras?

You should buy a few new bras before you go from the procedure. We say “a few” because, although you will know your size in advance, your exact body shape affects how bras fit. Sports bras and bras without underwire will be needed for the first few weeks after surgery, so getting yourself a supply of these should take priority over the traditional bras you’ll be able to wear after your healing is complete.

5. Have you taken care of housework and errands?

Recovering from surgery takes a lot out of you. Make it easier for yourself by taking care of as much in advance as possible. Be sure to wash your sheets- nothing makes bed rest better than fresh bedding to sink into.

6. Do you have proper drugs?

Ibuprofen is good enough for most patients during recovery. You might want to get a prescription for something a little stronger though, just in case you get a sore. This should all be prepared in advance so you’re not left having to deal with these issues while recovering.

7. Do you have any entertainment at home?

After surgery, you will need some serious rest. Take out some books or rent some movies, because you get to be a couch potato for a few days!