Having breast implants is a very popular procedure, and by now experts have developed a good deal of knowledge for the best way to recover. The tips mean small adjustments to daily life for adapting to the change to your body. Anticipating side effects means that you won’t be surprised and will have tools for dealing with them.

Staying healthy

Tips For Breast ImplantsIt’s important to keep your surgeon and regular physician informed and up-to-date on your health. Your surgeon should know about allergies, conditions, and medications, while your physician should be consulted on the possibility of stopping any medication. After the procedure, you should feel comfortable consulting your surgeon with any questions and concerns. Just having the option to call the clinic will help you feel secure in your decision. Try to maintain a healthy diet while drinking lots of fluid. Smokers would benefit from resuming smoking at a later date.

The road to recovery

The following short term tips were found to be helpful to clients:

● avoid using your arms and chest to help with healing
● do not wash the area for a week
● do not resume exercise for a month
● avoid driving for one week

Continue these habits for a longer period of time to aid healing:

● wear a well fitted sports bra for three months after the procedure
● stay out of the sun for one year to prevent darkening of incision areas
● keep an eye out for possible signs of issues, such as severe pain in the area

Breast massage

These gentle movements are meant to keep your implants in place as well as keep them soft, like natural tissue. During recovery, refrain from massaging too vigorously. Your breasts may feel a bit tender at this time as well, so applying too much force may be uncomfortable. You may also wait until later after some healing has taken place to perform the massage. Your doctor will discuss the appropriate massage technique for the type of implants that you have and the best time to start implementing it.