Breast ImplantsMost women who choose to have breast augmentation surgery have lots of questions before they schedule the procedure.  One of the more common ones is whether or not they can still have mammograms with breast implants.

As every woman knows, early detection of breast cancer is a crucial part of surviving it, and mammograms are the most common tool used for early detection.  The short answer to the mammogram / breast implant question is “yes” you can still have mammograms, but there is some important information you should know.

Getting In the Way

One issue with having a mammogram when you have implants is that your implants can obscure the images on your mammogram.  Since the implant will resemble a solid mass during the screening, some of your breast tissue could be hidden.  This is more likely if your implants were positioned over top of the pectoral muscles rather than underneath.

Look for Experience

One key to getting a true reading and not having any parts missed is to find a facility that is accustomed to performing mammograms on women with implants.  If they have experience dealing with implants, they will know exactly which techniques to use to get the best view possible.  Ask your doctor to refer you to a radiologist who has experience with implants, and everything should work out fine.

Let Everyone Know

Whether you are visiting a place that has experience giving mammograms to women with implants or not, make sure you speak up when you make the appointment, and when you get there.  Your ultimate goal is an effective mammogram that reveals all there is to see, so make sure that everyone involved in giving the test know that you have breast implants.