A breast lift and breast augmentation are two of the most common procedures to revitalize a woman’s breasts and make her feel better about her self-image.

Breast Lift And AugmentationIn a breast lift, sagging breasts are reshaped and raised higher, getting rid of that unwanted droopy look. Breast augmentation, meanwhile, will fill out your breasts, making them a better size and much shapelier.

But one question Dr. Levine’s prospective patients can sometimes ask is whether both procedures can be done in a single operation session.

They can be performed simultaneously, so long as several factors are met.

These include aspects dealing with how the skin and tissue of the breast may heal after the combined surgery. These variables include the scale of the breast lift, whether the patient smokes (which can impede healing), as well as the size of the implant that will be inserted during the augmentation procedure.

The size of the implant is one of the biggest factors here. This is because the bigger the implant is, the more it will have an effect on the surrounding tissue, and how this tissue heals after the procedure is done.

In short, if you are considering both a breast lift and a breast augmentation, it may very well be possible to have both these procedures done in one go, so long as the factors in play are in your favour.

This is one of the many aspects of breast surgery that your doctor will discuss with you during the consultation they undergo with each prospective patient.

During this phase, he will assess your body to determine how the procedures can be adopted to fit your unique physical characteristics. He’ll determinethe possible size of the breast implant, how much your breasts need to be lifted, and how the healing process may go for you given your general health level.