Of all the various myths on the internet about breast implants, some of the most bizarre ones are stories about how breast implants can heat up and explode, or get so cold that they freeze causing them to crack. Of course, both these tales are not possible.

Breast ImplantsBreast implants, whether saline or silicone, will in fact change temperatures. But, they will only go a few degrees higher or lower than a women’s body temperature. It is the nature of the implants to store heat and cold, changing slowly. Rather similar to how other body parts behave, implants tend to be at a temperature somewhere between body temperature and the temperature of the surroundings. They change slowly when your surroundings change.

For example, spend an hour in a pool or a chilly room wearing a bikini, and your breast implants will cool below your body temperature, so the breast will feel cool to the touch compared to the rest of the body. And they will stay cool until they have time to gradually warm up. Or spend an hour lying in the sun, or in a hot tub, and the implants will warm up above body temperature and your breasts will feel warm to the touch and will stay that way until the heat source is gone and sufficient time has passed.

The reason why breast implants are easily susceptible to temperature change is because the implants are not placed deep within the chest cavity, but are near the surface of the skin; beneath the breast tissue and most women who have implants frequently don’t have a lot of breast tissue so they adjust a few degrees to the outside temperature.

Breast implants can be subjected to much more heat and cold that the body can withstand before they will be damaged. They are made to be reliable and durable well beyond the extremes of physiologic temperatures.