After Breast Implant SurgeryEven though the end results of breast augmentation surgery are remarkable, it is still a surgery and there is a process to go through to get to that point. More specifically, there will be incisions and skin stretching and stitches and you’ll need some time to recuperate before the new you are complete.

During this recuperation time, comfort is the name of the game so you can heal up and prepare for your life with your new curves.

Think Ahead

You won’t want to be running around trying to get all the things you need after you’ve had surgery. You’ll be sore and every step you take for a little while will remind you that you’ve had surgery. In the week leading up to your surgery, make a list and go pick up all the things you need ahead of time. Then, when the surgery is done and you don’t feel like going anywhere you won’t have to.

You’ll Need Support

You will definitely need some emotional support, but for physical comfort it’s all about the bra. When you have consultations with your surgeon before the surgery, ask him what type of bra would be best for you to wear in the days and weeks following the surgery. Most will recommend a sports bra of some sort, as they tend to speed up the healing process and increase comfort levels.

Surround Yourself with Comfort

While you are resting and taking it easy in the week after your surgery, having a lot of pillows around is always a nice touch. Pillows are soft and offer some extra support while you are lying down. A soft, comfortable robe and a pair of soft slippers can also work wonders when it comes to post surgery comfort.

Pamper Yourself

Remember that the week or two after having breast augmentation surgery should be all about you. There will be plenty of time to get back to your normal routine once you are healed. Just because it is a ‘cosmetic’ procedure doesn’t meant that recovery isn’t important.

Read books and magazines you like and watch your favourite movies and television shows to help stay in a positive frame of mind. Keep your favourite songs on hand too, and eat foods that bring you comfort, as long as they fall within your surgeon’s dietary recommendations.