Breast Enhancement CreamsIn the quest for larger, firmer, fuller breasts, women have resorted to many different products, tactics and strategies over the years.  One such product that is sold in many online sources is breast enhancement cream.  There are even reputable online retailers that have breast enhancement creams as part of their product list.

But for women who really want to enhance their breast size, do these creams really work?

What’s the Premise? 

The premise of most breast enhancement creams is that you rub them into your breasts and your breasts will grow as a result.  Different cream manufacturers make different claims as to how much ‘growth’ you can expect, and the recipes vary, but the premise is usually basic and usually the same.  Rub the cream into the breasts and the breasts will grow.

What’s the Proof?

Unfortunately for women who choose to try enhancement creams to achieve bigger breasts, there is no scientific proof that they work at all.  The list of unsatisfied customers is long, and every cosmetic surgeon you’re likely to meet will advise you to save your money rather than go through the disappointment.

Beware of Marketing!

Quite often, it’s the marketing of these types of products that really gets people believing enough to shell out their money.  Proven tactics and techniques and words like ‘all-natural’ or ‘herbal’ or ‘non-surgical’ get people’s hopes up, but they never end up delivering.

Marketers are experts at getting people to buy things, and some are experts at skirting around regulations and laws without actually breaking them.  If breast enhancement creams actually worked, they really would be the biggest thing since sliced bread.

What If It Did Work?

If breast enhancement creams really did work your might be in for a whole different problem.  Anything that you rubbed into your breast that could make your breasts bigger would have to stimulate your breast cells to grow.  And if it stimulated breast cell growth, it would also be increasing the possibility of causing a cancer, or other serious problem you’d want to avoid.

The Only Proven Method

So far, the only proven method of breast enhancement is through surgical augmentation and fat injections.  Both saline and silicone breast implants can enhance the size and reshape your breasts into precisely what you want.  Modern implants are safe and effective and proven to work each and every time.