A common misguided theme in TV and movies is that women get implants for their husbands. Not only is that sexist, it’s generally wrong.

Breast implants are clinically proven to increase self-esteem, overall happiness, and sexual satisfaction in women. Most report having the best sex of their lives after getting implants. But why?

In a word, confidence.

Breast Enhancements Improve Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual Satisfaction and Emotions

Sex is about way more than just sensation- it’s play! Playing is the most fun when you feel totally confident in yourself. If you feel confident in your physical appearance, you will likely have a more arousing experience in bed.

We’re not just saying that; it’s backed up by hard evidence. A study by University of Texas found that women with higher body image feel more sexual desire. The whole body has a better sexual response to the gender you’re attracted to, even when just reading a sexy book by yourself! When you’re comfortable with your own body, you need less stimulation to feel sexual pleasure.

Similarly, another study by the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada found that emotional intimacy is the greatest predictor of overall sexual pleasure in women. Since emotional intimacy is linked to self-esteem, it is no surprise that women who like their bodies have a more pleasant sexual experience.

Breast Implants and Sensation

There are two equally incorrect myths about implants: that breast implants decrease sensation and that they increase it. Implants cannot do either, medically speaking.

Sensation decreases slightly immediately after surgery, but generally returns to normal levels after a few weeks. This is due to swelling.

For large changes, say from an A to a D cup, patients might notice that the skin of their breasts, not including their nipples, is slightly less sensitive. This is because there are a set number of nerves in your skin, and adding more body volume does not add more nerves. The good news is that the nipple is the least expanded part, so it still feels great where it counts.

The reason some people report increased sensation is that they have more volume, and so feel more of their partner’s body when they’re intimate. As said above, though, there are a set number of nerves, and sadly, more cannot be added.

As shown by available evidence, having breast implants will not affect your physical sensation, but it will affect how much sex you have and how good you feel during it.