Having a breast augmentation done by Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Levine involves a relatively moderate recovery period.

Shower After A Breast AugmentationDuring the operation, very small incisions are made in the skin on or near the breasts (common spots are the armpit, around the nipple or hidden in the natural crease were the breast aligns with the chest). After the operation is done, these incisions will be cover up with a gauze dressing and paper tape.

A lot of patients ask about how soon after the procedure can they take a shower.

In nearly all cases, a patient can bath 24 hours after the operation is done.

However, there are some considerations that come into play here – namely you should ensure your wounds do not get wet during a bath.

At the first post-operative appointment, the dressing is removed. This is at 3 to 4 days. At this point, the patient can shower or bath.

Use a mild soap that is fragrance free and avoid using overly hot water when cleaning your breasts. Remember, they will be tender after the surgery, so be sensitive when washing them. Gently pat them dry with a towel, and make sure they are fully dry by waiting about half an hour before putting a bra on.

It’s important to remember that even when you’re ready to dress after your shower that you don’t use a bra with an underwire. A sports bra or a non-underwire regular bra can be worn.

Dr. Levine will go over the recovery process with you during the consultation he has with every prospective patient. You will be fully informed of what the procedure entails, and what you have to do to ensure your new breasts heal the right way and look their best.