Breast Lift SurgeryAs beauty becomes more and more important, the pressure to stay young and youthful grows more intense; because of this we’ve seen and rise in the popularity of breast lift. The need to look young and fit is important in all areas of life from professional to romantic to personal. A lot of us aren’t happy with ourselves unless we’re happy when we look in the mirror and it’s a rarity these days to meet someone who hasn’t been exposed to cosmetic surgery at all. But the question begs, what exactly is breast lift surgery? How is it performed and who qualifies for such an operation?

Breast lift surgery is designed to lift and reshape the breasts if they have begun to sag due to aging, a loss of weight, or as a result of breastfeeding. Good candidates for this procedure are those who have breasts of satisfactory size but hang low, those who have breasts that lack firmness or substance, and those who have nipples that point downward instead of pointing out. A breast implant could be inserted as well at the time of surgery if the breast has flattened out or lost volume. Loss of elasticity in the skin will result in a lack of firmness but breast augmentation surgery can change that. Breasts that are raised (and perhaps augmented) look much more youthful and compliment a figure much better than sagging breasts.

Breast lifts can be performed at any age but most surgeons recommend waiting at least until breast development has ended. Pregnancies and breastfeeding can have all kinds of unpredictable effects on the body so it is suggested to wait until you have finished having children to have the surgery. Since the nipples and milk ducts are left in tact during the surgery it is still possible to breastfeed after the fact but it is not recommended. The end result may change the size of your breasts as well as the shape. Breasts that are larger and heavier can undergo lift surgery but will not have as long lasting a result as those with smaller breasts.

When you come to see Dr. Levine he will most likely examine your breasts and take measurements and pictures for the before and after comparison. Where your nipples (and areolas) rest, the size and shape of your breasts, as well as the type of skin you have will need to be carefully assessed before any kind of surgery takes place. Incisions are made following the breasts’ natural shape and the nipple and areola are moved up to a higher part of the breast. When Dr. Levine has removed excess breast skin he can then reduce the areola in size; most sagging breasts have stretched our areolas. Both the nipples and the areola stay connected to crucial nerve tissue to ensure the preservation of sensitive areas and the ability to breastfeed.

There are a couple of potential complications with this surgery such as infection, excess bleeding, or an allergic reaction to medication. It is advised against smoking and taking anti-inflammatories (like Asprin) both before, during, and after the surgery. Almost anyone can qualify for breast lift surgery if they’re unhappy with their bodies and find if you’re a good candidate and call us today! 416-236-2581