For many, there is a close relationship between breast implants and exercise. People exercise to maintain their health, and their appearance, and frequently choose cosmetic surgery to enhance and maintain those hard earned results. Because so many women who have undergone the procedure have active lifestyles, they frequently have questions about exercising.

Breast Implants & ExerciseExercise for breast implant patients is encouraged as it helps the pectoral muscles adjust to and accommodate the implant more rapidly. Exercise after breast implants leads to stronger and thicker pectoral muscles, which help to support and hide the implants, and thus give a more natural result.

When a patient can safely resume their regular fitness regimen varies, depending on how strenuous their normal activities are and how their recovery is progressing. For these reasons, it’s important that a patient discuss their situation with their surgeon to determine what is best for their unique circumstances. For most patients, full activities can resume within four to six weeks. During the recovery time, normal activities such as walking and performing less strenuous activities are possible and encouraged. But, it is important to never overdo activities and to always keep the incision clean and ensure that excess sweat doesn’t get into the incision while it is in the process of healing.

In terms of the effect implants will have on a patient’s physical abilities it is important to remember that breast implants are designed to mimic natural breasts in terms of appearance, general weight, proportion, and buoyancy so breast implants shouldn’t affect a patient’s physical abilities any more than naturally large breasts would. But, for patients who have had major changes in breast size, the effects of the breast implants will be more noticeable and the larger the breasts, the more likely they are to affect range of motion, reach, and other physical abilities.

As large breasts sag and droop more readily than small ones, patients should always wear a supportive bra when engaging in any activity involving running, jogging, jumping and sudden movements.