How to Choose the Right Bra after a Breast Augmentation Surgery

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A breast augmentation is a popular surgery that requires a lot of attention both during and after the surgery.

The procedure itself can be conducted in several ways. With different options for incision placement, different implant materials, and different placement options, you and your surgeon can craft your body to fit your desires. But despite which process you choose, the aftercare is crucial to how well you heal after the surgery.

Choosing a bra after a breast augmentation is crucial to the healing process. For the following month, it’s suggested that a sports bra or surgical bra be worn. This will keep the breasts in place and allow them to heal properly.

Wearing the bra around the clock for the next four weeks may not be comfortable, but it will only help you to achieve the desired results and to prevent the augmentation from having to be corrected in the future.

Sports bras are easy to select the right size for, as most of them come in small, medium and large based on the overall size of your body.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Bras after Surgery

Consider how much you have increased your breast size. Carefully select a supportive non-padded bra without an underwire to bring with you the day of the surgery.

Try to select a bra a cup size larger than the breast size you were originally at prior to the surgery, unless you increased your breast size to a much larger cup. Generally your band size will be unaltered.

Bras that latch in the front tend to be easier on breast augmentation patients. This makes it easier for the patient to fasten on their own. Trying to reach in the back to clasp a bra can cause for pain and increased soreness.

Women are suggested to go to a name brand department store that carries an array of sports bras and supportive front clasp bras to select from. Have one of the employees properly measure your new size to ensure you’re selecting the right options going forward.

Don’t choose bras that are in any way tight for at least the first 6 months. While bras are generally snug, you do not want to cause yourself pain or discomfort. The purpose of having a post-operative bra to wear is to keep the breasts snug and in place, not to lift them up. You want the breasts to heal in place as to not alter their form during the healing process, and choosing a bra to aid in this is one of the important factors of the healing process.

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