When it comes to breast implants, there are two different techniques for inserting the implant: above the muscle or below.

Breast ImplantsWithout getting into too much detail, when the implant goes in above the muscle, they are inserted in a space between the breast tissue and the chest wall muscles (known medically as the subglandular plane). When it goes in below, the pocket to receive the implant is instead created between the rib cage and pectoral muscle (known as the subpectoral, or dual plane).

The main difference here is that the shape of the breast will differ depending on where the implant is inserted.

In an under-muscle procedure, it’s the muscle that will put pressure on the upper part of the breast implant. This will taper it and result in a more natural looking breast with a teardrop shape.

In an above-muscle procedure, the upper part of the implant will be fuller in appearance. This is because the muscle will not be putting pressure on the implant. What results from this is a much more rounded appearance of the breast, giving it a youthful look. Putting implants above the muscle will also allow the use of a bigger implant, allowing the patient to choose a larger breast size, and also position the implants closer together.