About Breast AugmentationFor scores of women all around the world, breast augmentation is a wonderful way to get the body they’ve always wanted, gain self-confidence and improve self-esteem. Since breast augmentation is typically a cosmetic procedure and a personal decision, there are just as many social elements to deal with as there are physical ones.

One thing that many women wonder about is whether or not they should tell people about their decision to have the procedure. In all likelihood, family and close friends will know, but what about casual acquaintances or co-workers?

It’s Up to You

Unfortunately, there is not right or wrong, yes or no answer to help guide this decision. It is entirely up to you. If you feel proud and excited about your new look and want to tell everyone you know, go ahead and tell them. If you feel that these types of things are private and would rather keep it to yourself, then don’t tell anyone.

People Will Ask

If you choose to keep your surgery private or even if you don’t, you should expect questions from people who see you on a regular basis. Whether your new breasts are a big difference or a modest difference from before, people will notice and it’s only natural to wonder and to ask. People will want to know why you had it done, how it feels to have implants, how long it took to recover, how much it cost and probably a lot more.

Put It All In Perspective

If the questions start to get on your nerves, keep in mind that being curious is a normal part of life and asking questions is a normal way to learn about new things. Your body has changed and people will want to know the details. Of course, if the questions get a little too personal for your liking, feel free to direct them to your plastic surgeon to learn more about the procedure. Just because you made the decision to enhance your breasts doesn’t mean you’re also obligated to tell everyone about it if you don’t want to.