Breast Lift SurgeryIf you choose to have surgical breast augmentation, or breast implants, you will get the best aesthetic result if you choose an implant size that balances your body.

Choosing your size

Choosing the size of your breast implant is a decision you must make very carefully. Having your ideal breast size will enhance your self-confidence. But you must ensure you choose the best breast size for your body.

One way to begin is to find photos of women with the breast size you want. Make sure you select women of the same body type as you. Show these to your surgeon, and look at before and after photos of breast augmentations. Your goal is to choose implants which will look natural, and which improve the aesthetic balance of your body.

Dr. Levine will have implants you can wear in a bra, so you can get a good idea of the size, and how your figure will look. Try these implants with different types of outfits, too.

Dr. Levine will be able to advise you on the optimal size of implant, depending on the results you want, your unique anatomy, and your lifestyle.

Types of implant

Breast implants are medical devices with a solid silicone rubber shell. These implants are filled either with saline or silicone.

Saline implants are empty when inserted, then filled with sterile salt water once they are in place.

Silicone implants are more often referred to as cohesive gel implants, or gummy bear implants. This gel is a thick fluid which feels a lot like human fat. They are pre-filled.

Shapes of implant

Implants vary in size and shape, as well as type. There are round implants, or teardrop implants. Teardrop implants are breast-shaped. These implants are also referred to as anatomical implants. They were developed to simulate the breast’s natural contours, and are very popular for breast reconstruction surgery.

In addition to the shape, the implants very in height from low profile to high profile.

Surface of implant

There are two types of implant surfaces: smooth or textured. Round implants are smooth or textured, and teardrops are textured.

Textured implants were developed in the late 1980s, to minimize scar formation. Scar tissue can form around the implant. As scar tissue is thicker than normal skin, this can contract the implant and distort it.

Discuss all these options with Dr. Levine, and think carefully before choosing the type and size of implant which will give you the best results.