Breast Lift SurgeryGetting older is inevitable for all of us; although aging can certainly have its benefits, staying physically fit and in overall good health can be a challenge. Although there are many features of our bodies that we can maintain with a good diet and exercise plan, some things can only be helped with surgery. For many women as they age and those who have had children, sagging breasts can be annoying and depressing. If you fall into this category, don’t think you have to live the rest of your life in misery. You can look just as great as you did in your prime with a breast lift. Plastic surgeons can work wonders in the operation room, and can help you achieve the figure and form you had in your youth.

Whether you want your bosom to be perkier or have one breast that is larger than the other, an augmentation/lift can certainly put your worries to rest. It is important to remember that breast lift surgery can be used to lift and reshape. The operation is performed in conjunction with an augmentation. While getting a lift is obviously something a great deal of women would long to have, there are many who should not get one. Thus, assessing your current and long-term needs is important. Here is a quick overview of which women qualify for the procedure and those who should avoid getting one.

Is a breast lift right for you?

  • Don’t get a lift if you plan on having children; even if you don’t plan on breastfeeding your baby, pregnancy on its own can have a drastic impact on a woman’s breast size and shape. Your body will undergo a great deal of physical change, and this includes stretching the skin in your chest. The best thing to do is wait until your done having kids, as not doing so can reverse the results of the lift.
  • Women who are extremely self-conscious about their appearance and/or who have troubles finding clothes that fit comfortably. As well, women who have noticeably disproportionate breast sizes or who have saggy breasts altogether generally serve as the best candidates for the procedure.
  • Have reasonable expectations; the most important thing to remember is that a breast lift is not a cure-all solution. Don’t expect to look like a supermodel or think that this procedure in itself will be the answer to your all of your problems. Make sure to get a lift for the right reasons. Speaking with a physician is the best way to find out whether you are indeed a good candidate in addition to knowing what the risks, complications and projected results will be and look like.