Breast ImplantsNot all women are created with the ideal chest size. Many complain that their breasts are too small and want them bigger. But how big should they go? Is there a certain guide a woman should follow in order to achieve the perfect size of breast implants? Or is it up to the woman, with the sky being the limit?

What To Know About Breast Implants

Before choosing the ideal implant size, there are a few things you should know. First, implants are not measured in cup sizes, like bras, but instead in cubic centimeters (ccs). Breast implants can be as small as 300 ccs or as large as 1200 ccs. Also, implants look smaller than real breasts. So even if you wear a D cup after the surgery, you will only look like a C cup because implants tend to be wider.

After surgery, many women end up smaller than they would have liked. Therefore, it is advisable to aim one size up. However, women who end up too large can be unsatisfied as well. So communicate with your doctor about your desired results.


Although many women want to go big, larger breasts tend to create more problems than smaller ones. They may interfere with an active lifestyle and can cause back problems. In addition, the larger the implants, the more likely rippling, drooping and stretching are to occur. So keep this in mind when you choose your size. They also are easier to tell that they are fake. If that’s a concern for you, then you may opt to go for a smaller size.

It may be wise to start off with smaller implants and see how they look and feel. They tend to look more natural and help women feel more feminine without the need for extremely large breasts. They tend to result in fewer problems, such as stretch marks and back pain. Plus, with smaller implants, there is always a way to increase their size with minimal scarring.

Interested in Breast Implants?

Don’t follow the general rule of bigger is better. Choose a size that matches the rest of your body so you can achieve a natural look. Dr. Ronald Levine can consult with you and help you make the right decision. Contact our office at (416) 236-2581 for a consultation.