Breast augmentation is a common surgery that is performed by highly skilled surgeons. Some clients aren’t as interested in the process, while others are much more interested in how the procedure works. While breast augmentation is very popular, we would like to give a more detailed overview of the procedure for our detail oriented clientele. Below, we discuss some questions often asked by women who’ve had the surgery.

Breast SurgeryThere Will Be Swelling After The Procedure?

Swelling is a normal reaction by the body. The swelling comes from fluid rushing into the area, so that the area is larger than normal. In addition to the implant, your chest will be inflated due to swelling. As a result, your implants may give the feeling of being ‘too high’ on the chest. As part of the healing process, the swelling will reduce over time. A bulk of it will be gone after the first few weeks, and the rest will take time to gradually disappear. During this time, the implants will sit lower on the chest. This transition is often referred to as letting the implants drop. Although it will take time for the swelling to completely disappear, your implants will drop into place quickly.

You Will Have To Skip A Shower Afterwards

Taking a shower is cleansing, and it often helps to boost your mood. You will have to wait 3-4 days after surgery before you can take your first shower.

As for swimming or taking a bath, different specialists will have a different healing schedule. The main concern is that incisions that are still healing are more prone to infection when wet. As a precaution, it’s always safe to wait 2 weeks before submerging the areas that are healing.

You Will Need To Wear Your Surgical Bra

Your specialist will tell you exactly how long you need to wear your surgical bra. In general recommendations will suggest the bra be worn for 3-4 weeks after the surgery. By the fourth week, most clients will be able to resume their routine (wire bra during the day and braless during the night).

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