Most surgeons will answer the same way: Unfortunately, no. Breast implants are not a substitute for a lift, as there will still be excess skin that causes the breasts to sag, even after the implants have been put in. Augmentation usually only lifts breasts slightly, although in cases where sagging is not severe, a breast implant will do the job. If you’re looking for more volume, implants are sufficient. To address sagging skin and tissue, a breast lift is required.

Areola level, or where your nipple sits

Breast ImplantsWhen the areola rests below the crease of the breast, simply inserting an implant will not move it up. The tissue isn’t high enough to support the implant. The overall effect is a larger, sagging breast. A breast lift removes excess skin and underlying tissue. The procedure is called a mastopexy. Stretched areolas can also be corrected through mastopexy.

But implants can be tight, can’t they?

Immediately after augmentation, it’s common for women to feel like the implants are too high or tight. This is normal. The skin stretches to fit around the implant. Also, early in the healing period, the swelling has not yet subsided. After the initial period, the implants should sit normally. Although implants give a bit of lift, it’s not a shortcut for a breast lift.

Women generally want to go bigger

Breast size is something men and women care about. Increasing the size of a sagging breast will not improve its appearance. If cost is an issue, consider the breast lift alone. Perky breasts will be more attractive than ones that sit below the crease.

If you were unhappy with your cup size to begin with, then having both procedures should leave you happy with the results! Depending on the surgeon, they may recommend a lift first. The implant follows after the area has recovered. Alternatively, it is possible to have both procedures completed in one session. The benefits are reduced procedural and anesthesia costs, with less time spent recovering.