Along with the excitement of transforming your figure and finally having the breasts you really want, there are other considerations when it comes to breast augmentation. One of those considerations is your wardrobe. More specifically, will you need a new one once your transformation is complete?

New Wardrobe After Breast Augmentation
Does It Still Fit?

Obviously, if you’ve had your breast size increased several sizes; you’ll need new clothes because the old ones won’t fit anymore. Comfort is an important element of your wardrobe, and if your new breasts feel constricted then you won’t feel comfortable. And it won’t necessarily be a situation where every single thing doesn’t fit. You may have to try it all on after you’re healed up to get a true sense of what you need.

The New You

A more likely scenario is that you’ll want a new wardrobe after making such a bold physical transformation. There’s a good chance that you won’t be interested in hiding your figure any longer, so you’ll need a wardrobe to match that personality change. Look for clothes that feel great, match your new sense of self and flatter your new figure.

It Isn’t All Good

Keep in mind that certain styles, such as bandage dresses, can squeeze your breasts and won’t offer the type of support you need. It isn’t always possible to just grab anything you find attractive and make it work. You have a new body, and it may take a little time to get used to shopping for it. Some breast implant recipients even have some pieces custom made so they will always fit just right.