Getting a buttock implant can be an effective solution for giving you a round and firm look that can be difficult to obtain by exercise alone. It is a safe procedure similar to breast implants, and has been used to enhance the physique of both women and men.

Buttock Implants Tips

But in order to achieve the best recovery from your procedure, you want to make sure that you prepare in advance.

The best way to ensure great results is to be informed about how the procedure works and the importance of using a skilled cosmetic practitioner.

Here are three important factors you should know before undergoing a buttock implant procedure:

  1. Prevention
  2. The area of the buttocks is a highly sensitive one. An invasive procedure such as buttock implants must be performed in a way that prevents nerve and tissue damage. This is especially true with regards to the sciatic nerve, which runs through the buttock to the lower leg.

    Keep this in mind when discussing the procedure with your doctor before undergoing the procedure. Having a skilled practitioner will protect you from any impingement on the sciatic nerve.

  3. Maintain Symmetry
  4. Any number of factors can cause buttock implants to become asymmetrical. It can occur from using a low quality brand of materials, or from having an unskilled surgeon perform the procedure.

    In addition, excessive sitting in the first two weeks after the surgery can compromise your results. You need to be aware of how much time you spend sitting because their shape can alter over time due to the pressure. This can also affect how you walk, too, if the asymmetry affects your movement patterns.

    Asymmetrical results can lead to having to get them replaced or removed to prevent other issues.

  5. Using Quality Materials for Implants
  6. Buttock implants are made from a different material than is used for breast implants. They are more solid because they are used so much more for activities like walking and sitting.

    This makes the possibility of rupturing buttock implants lower than breast implants. However, low-quality materials such as gel-based implants can rupture.

    It’s important that your doctor uses high-quality materials for your implants. This will prevent any issues related to the materials while giving you the best results over time.

Buttock implant surgery is a safe procedure when performed by a skilled professional who understands the unique needs of the patient and uses the best materials available today. It’s essential to follow your doctor’s recommendations to maximize the benefits of buttock implants so that you get the results you’re looking for an enhanced physique.