There are both natural and cosmetic ways to enhance your tush. Depending on the time restrictions of your goals, how dramatic of a change you’re looking for, and what you’re willing to do for the perfect backside, there are different avenues you can take.

Enhance Your Small Buttocks
1. The Natural Way

By “natural,” we don’t mean the snake oil supplements you see on the Internet. We mean good old fashioned exercise!

Proper exercises can increase your butt size, to a point. To save time, do compound exercises to build your whole body up.

These could include:

    • Squats

    Squats are the king of exercises. They work not only your rear, but also your legs, abs, and back. They hit more muscle mass than any other group, making them amazing for both building muscle and burning fat.

    • Deadlifts

    Deadlifts are more focused, really working your butt and back.

    • Step exercises

    For a more cardio-focused routine, attend a step class.

    • Yoga

    There’s a reason that yoga pants are famous. Yoga can target the muscles in your backside to make them more voluptuous, while slimming down the rest of your body. The contrast results in a slender midsection and a larger backside.

Even with exercise, your body will only naturally put on so much muscle mass back there, and that amount decreases as you get older. If you don’t have time for intensive exercise, or have not gotten the results you wanted despite exercise, you may want to consider a cosmetic enhancement

2. Butt Lift

The simplest solution is the butt lift. This does not add volume, but it does properly shape the volume you do have to be attractive and round. This is more effective than many people realize. For example, many celebrities are slender, but have sexy bottoms because they keep them high and round.

3. Brazilian Butt Lift

For a little more volume, go for the Brazilian Butt Lift. In this procedure, fat is extracted from elsewhere in your body and injected into your bottom, like a reverse liposuction. The extra volume fills out your skin, both lifting and plumping your rear.

The biggest benefit is that it looks (and feels) completely natural. The only problem is that your body may use the extra fat if your body type changes. If body fat remains stable, however, the results are permanent.

4. Butt Implant

To add a lot of volume, you may need an implant. An implant will continue to work well even if your body type changes, and provides much more firmness and projection than a Brazilian butt lift. Butt implants are made of silicone or cohesive gel and are very safe. Some may need to be replaced or changed as you get older.

Before you make your decision on how you want to improve your caboose, do some research to ensure you’re choosing the option that is right for you! Cosmetic enhancements to the behind are a well-established field of practice with decades of successes. No matter what you choose, you will receive excellent and lasting results.