The face-rejuvenating injection Botox has been around for decades, and has been used millions of times to erase wrinkles that crop up on our faces due to aging.

Anti-Ageing InjectionBut lately, other anti-aging injections have appeared on the medical scene, raising questions about whether Botox has been rendered obsolete by newer remedies.

The answer, one recent major study shows, is that while it’s possible, it’s not likely because of the highly successful results patients find with Botox.

Researchers compared the use of Botox to another injectable anti-wrinkle treatment called Dysport and took a look at how well they work at wiping away crow’s feet around the eyes and temples of the face.

They conducted a double blind test of this by injecting one side of a participant’s face with Botox, the other side with Dysport.

The results in this one study showed that Dysport was better at wiping away the crow’s feet wrinkles when the subject contracted their facial muscles to the max.

And a majority of the participants – nearly two-thirds – preferred the side of their face that had been treated with Dysport!

But still, the study leaves open the question of which is overall more effective, as it only dealt with one area of the face.

The researches admitted they simply weren’t sure if Dysport will also beat Botox in treating other areas of the face. The study has also been criticized, as researchers gave participants a greater dose of Dysport than Botox.

As more research still needs to be done, it remains up for debate whether Botox is about to be knocked off the anti-aging throne.