Having an overactive bladder can be not only embarrassing, but extremely troublesome. It can cause for many uncomfortable situations. Fortunately, there are ways to effectively aid an overactive bladder, and one of these ways is through Botox treatments.

While Botox is usually a more common cosmetic procedure used for the reduction of wrinkles and to gain a more youthful appearance, it is also used as a medical treatment for many other matters such as migraine relief and even excessive sweating.

Of course, as stated above, it is also used for overactive bladders. It has been noted that Botox actually works better than most overactive bladder medications. However, it isn’t suggested for everyone, and a cosmetic professional or family physician should be consulted first.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Botox is an injection. Therefore, it is injected in specific areas of the body to target the areas it is anticipated to help treat. The physician will determine these areas and then slowly inject the Botox.

Botox will effectively weaken the muscles and relax the bladder so that it doesn’t work as hard. This will prevent any leakage or urge to urinate as frequently. Botox injections are a great way to improve the quality of life and those suffering from an overactive bladder should consider such treatments. It might be the only thing that successfully helps you to control the urge. It is also painless and a great alternative to taking medication on a regular basis. That way, an overactive bladder won’t become a hindrance as it would should you have forgotten to take your medication.

These injections are not painful, but could result in some mild discomfort or irritation.

The treatments can last for up to nine months before more treatments are necessary. Your physician will help determine how often treatments should be given depending on your circumstances. There will be no downtime required and a person can come in the office for the injections and then go about their normal daily routine right afterwards.

Botox is usually suggested to patients with an overactive bladder that seek relief other than from medications. In most cases, if the person suffering has insurance, their policy will cover the Botox treatments without any issues. Botox is approved by the FDA for effectively treating bladder problems.

Don’t suffer any longer and immediately ask your Dr. Levine about the benefits of using Botox to control and overactive bladder today.