If you are concerned about asymmetrical or excessive labia tissue around your vagina, a labiaplasty can help. This unwanted tissue can even cause discomfort, as well as leaving you feel embarrassed about your appearance.

LabiaplastyA labiaplasty trims away the excessive tissue. The result? A much more natural looking, elliptical appearance.

The procedure itself is fairly straightforward, and it’s uncommon for problems to arise, as long as proper cleaning methods are taken during the healing process.

A labiaplasty is not a major surgical operation, but rather one that Dr. Judah offers on an outpatient basis which can either be performed in a medical clinic or a hospital.

The labiaplasty procedure involves reducing the labia minora to achieve the desired result. The actual procedure time will usually take under an hour to complete, either under a local or general anaesthetic.

In context of average cosmetic surgeries, labiaplasty is not an invasive procedure. Although you may experience slight discomfort for a few days, it’s rare that patients will experience any real pain in the days following their surgery.

Recovery time is also minimal. Patients can return home the day of the operation, and can return to work one or two days after that. Meanwhile, the sutures used in the procedure will dissolve within about two weeks.

Although this procedure has only came to popularity within the past decade, woman have been undergoing this type of cosmetic surgery for years, giving doctors plenty of time to have perfected the process.

To ensure that a labiaplasty is right for you and the uniqueness of your body, Dr. Judah, a female gynecologist who is associated with Dr. Levine, will conduct an in-depth consultation. This is done to ensure the prospective patient is a good candidate for the procedure, and to make sure they are knowledgeable about what the procedure involves, and what results can be expected.