Surgery performed on the nose can sometimes require a long recovery period. For physically active people, returning to their normal daily activities is their first priority.

Sports & Nose Jobs

If you’re looking to get back into playing sports, you’ll want to know how soon you can return to the playing field without losing any of the results you’ve gotten from your rhinoplasty procedure.

Although recovery time varies for each person, some general guidelines have been established depending on the sport. Below are a few tips to help you figure out when you can return to your sport after a Rhinoplasty.

Know the Type of Rhinoplasty

You need to first know whether you had a surgical or non-surgical rhinoplasty. A surgical rhinoplasty reshapes the physical structure of the nose whereas a non-surgical rhinoplasty injects a filler (such as Botox) to fix minor imperfections.

Surgical and non-surgical procedures have different recovery periods. So the time required before you can play sports again will depend on the type of treatment.

How Intense is Your Sport?

You should also consider how strenuous the sport is on the body. A low-intensity sport such as brisk walking or archery will allow you to return much sooner than a more physically intense sport such as boxing or rugby.

An elevated heart rate will prolong the swelling since the blood vessels in your nose are not healed enough to withstand the pressure. So lower intensity activities should be introduced first.

Length of Recovery

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is a simple procedure. There is less swelling and recovery time required, and you can resume light exercise and sports after about one week. More moderately intense sports such as cycling can be resumed after two weeks.

The recovery period is longer with surgical rhinoplasty because the nose’s structure has been changed significantly. So you should avoid playing intense sports after a surgical rhinoplasty for up to six weeks.

If your sport requires physical contact, then you should wait five to six months before resuming to make sure the bones and cartilage of the nose are fully healed. Injury can cause permanent damage during the healing process. This can also affect the function of the nose and create more health issues.

While recovery time will depend on many factors, it’s important to follow these guidelines and discuss them with your doctor so that you don’t resume your physical activity too soon. You’ll protect the investment you’ve made in yourself and maximize the results of your rhinoplasty.