The Kardashians have been glorified through the media for nearly a decade now, and their ample bodies are leaving many women longing for similar voluptuous curves. While exercises such as squats, leg lifts and other similar work outs will help you to achieve a larger derrière, the most efficient way to achieve a bottom like a Kardashian is through cosmetic enhancements.

Skilled plastic surgeons have been performing butt lifts and giving butt implants to women who wish to make their buttocks larger for years. This gives women a curvier appeal and a new sense of confidence.

Those that receive butt implants or a butt lift might find that fitting into jeans and other pants is easier, especially if they lacked any volume in that area before.

How Is a Butt Lift Performed?

Butt lifts are a rather common surgical procedure that includes lifting the butt cheeks to make the backside perkier, which ultimately makes it larger as well. A butt lift, also referred to as a butt augmentation, includes transferring fat from various other parts of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. The fat might be taken from the thighs, waist, hips or abdomen. If the patient does not have sufficient fat, the patient may require buttock implants.

About Butt Implants

Receiving butt implants includes special implants which are placed above the gluteal muscle. Implants are a great alternative to having a butt lift. Some women don’t have access fat that can be transferred, which makes implants a better option for them.

The surgeon will make an incision below the tailbone to insert them and like a butt lift, they add volume to the buttocks.

After Care Information

Anesthesia will be given for both types of procedures. For the first several days after the procedures, you will feel some discomfort and it is advised to keep the dressings that the surgeons applied on for at least 2-3 days. Showering should be avoided during this time. After about 4 weeks, you may resume to normal activity as directed by your surgeon.

Even with a butt lift or butt implants, you should still maintain a regular exercise routine. Leg lifts, squats, dead lifting, lunges, and stair climbs are all excellent forms of exercise to continue accentuating your derrière. Eating a protein enriched diet and maintaining your figure will allow you to achieve a Kardashian bottom with the help of plastic surgery! Having voluptuous curves will help your self-esteem and allow you to feel confident in anything you wear.