Labia come in different shapes and sizes, and can change over time due to aging, childbirth or hormonal fluctuations. Large or asymmetrical labia can cause physical or emotional problems that are difficult for many people.

Labia Sculpting Procedure

Whether you were born with labia you find unattractive, or they’ve changed in recent years, the shape of your labia doesn’t have to adversely affect your life.

Lose the Embarrassment Factor

You may have low body confidence as a result of your labia. For some women, the appearance of their labia can cause sexual dysfunction, as they find it difficult to relax enough to enjoy sexual intercourse.

If someone is uncomfortable being naked in front of her partner, or unwilling to change clothes in communal spaces, she may consider making a change using labia sculpting procedures.

An End to Physical Discomfort

Other women find that they’re restricted in their lifestyle because of their labia. Long or large labia can chafe, causing soreness. You may find it uncomfortable to wear tight-fitting clothes, swimwear or underwear, and have to plan your wardrobe accordingly.

Some sports activities, such as horseback riding, cycling, or running may cause pain as the labia are squeezed or put under pressure. These are all valid reasons to choose labia sculpting.

Planning Labia Sculpting

You can be fully involved in the planning of your procedure to determine the size and shape of your labia. You can choose to reduce one side only to restore symmetry, or trim both so they lie within the labia majora.

The procedure takes about an hour, during which a surgeon will remove unwanted tissue. This ensures that your labia retain their biological functionality and sensitivity.

What Happens After a Labia Procedure?

After a labia procedure, you’ll have some follow-up appointments to ensure the healing process is effective. Incisions are designed to follow the natural contours of the tissue, so scarring will be minimal and unnoticeable to others.

However, you’ll need to take care of the area to keep it clean along with about a week of recovery time away from work. Full recovery time is usually around one month.

If you’re having any issues related to your labia, then labia sculpting may be the right option for you. These issues can keep many from fully enjoying life due to physical, emotional or aesthetic reasons.

You can achieve a permanent change with labia sculpting. Remember that with any surgery you should consult with an experienced and skilled surgeon to outline a treatment plan that meets your needs and gets you the best results.