Rhytidecomy is the proper medical name for a popular cosmetic procedure to undo the effects of aging on our face.

More commonly, it’s known as – you guessed it – a face lift!

Fact is, as we age our face increasingly bears the signs of getting older. Although the crow’s feet can serve as a great reminder of the fun time’s we’ve had in our lives, they’re not always the most ideal for cosmetic reasons.

Aging SkinWrinkles and creases appear around our mouth and in our upper lip. Slack added to our jaw line, with unwanted and displeasing bands and fat deposits appearing in our neck. Furrows showing up in our foreheads. And, perhaps the most immediately visible sign of facial aging, those aforementioned happy crow’s feet showing up around our eyes.

A rhytidecomy procedure by Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Levine will undo all these tell-tale signs of aging, and bring out a younger, rejuvenated version of you.

One of the biggest benefits of a properly excited face-lift is that people won’t know why you look better, they just know you will. Generally we see celebrities with bad plastic surgery in the media, and we associate our thoughts of cosmetic procedures with those results.

The chances are most celebrities we see on a daily basis have had work done- We just don’t know it because it was done properly! Those are the kinds of results you’ll find with Dr. Levine- subtle but amazing changes that won’t make you look like a new you, it’ll just make you look like a better you!

It will not only bring out younger-looking skin, but also make you feel years younger than you really are (and of course you won’t have to correct anyone who underestimates your real age).

During face lift surgery, a doctor will make an incision usually above the hairline at the temples and extending in a natural line. This will be used to gentle tighten the skin on your face, erasing the unasked-for blemishes of the aging process.

Before any procedure, however, you should have an in-depth consultation with prospective patients. This is to understand their specific needs and goals, and assess how the unique characteristics of their body can be changed to help them reach their desired outcome. The face lift procedure will be discussed in great detail, and the specifics of the surgery tailored to the unique needs of each patient.