An otoplasty, also called ear pinning, is a cosmetic procedure that helps those with protruding ears reposition them, giving their head a more pleasant and natural look.

OtoplastyFor children, this condition can be the source of much teasing and school ground insults – being called Dumbo has been a popular taunt directed towards kids with prominent ears for decades.

Something that can negatively affect a child’s self-esteem can even cause them to feel unwanted at school; a problem that can even lead to poorer educational outcomes.

As for grown-ups who have suffered with what could be perceived as an unsightly feature, it can be a never-ending source of self-consciousness.

Thankfully, both adults and children who suffer from unsightly projecting ears can undergo a straightforward otoplasty procedure to improve their look.

The operation can be safely performed by Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Levine once the ears are fully grown at their full size. This most often happens when an individual reaches the ages of 5 or 6 – meaning it can be corrected before the tots even enter the first grade.

An otoplasty will change the shape, but not the medical characteristics, of the ear. This means that while the ear cartilage will be “pinned” closer to the head, their ability to hear will not be affected.

This pinning will involve very small incisions being made behind the ear and the use of sutures to reposition the cartilage. This allows the ear to be repositioned, with minimal visible signs of the procedure.

The result speaks for itself – a more symmetrical and natural looking set of ears, and the removal of what for many is a major source of irritation and embarrassment.

Potential patients will undergo an in-depth consultation with Dr. Levine, who will explain the procedure to them and tailor it to the specific circumstances of their body. They’ll get a full understanding of what results they can expect, and be told about the very-minimal recovery period of one to two weeks.