Women choose to get breast implants because they want larger breasts or a more shapely figure, not because they are lazy or don’t like to exercise.  In fact, many breast augmentation patients keep themselves in impeccable shape and their breasts are the only thing they’re unhappy with when it comes to their body.

And so, it is common for breast implant recipients to ask if they can still workout once they have implants.  Die hard exercise enthusiasts won’t be willing to sacrifice their workouts for a larger breast size, so it’s good to get it all sorted out ahead of time.

Post Surgery

It’s important to note that no matter how much you love exercising or how skilled your surgeon is, for the first while after your procedure you won’t be doing much physical activity at all.  Your body needs to recover after surgery just like any other surgery.  Plan on taking the first week off from exercise completely.  You may be able to take a few slow walks without swinging your arms but that’s it.

This is a time when it is very important to listen to your surgeon and obey his instructions.  It’s also important to listen to your body, and in all likelihood it will be telling you that exercise isn’t a great idea.  However, within a month you’ll be back to your normal exercise routine and look and feel great.

Post Recovery

 Once you’ve made it through the recovery process, you can usually slowly start getting back into your exercise routine.  The emphasis should be on the word ‘slow’ because you’ll really have no idea how much your chest is engaged in regular exercises until you try it after breast implant surgery.  Just remember to follow the advice of your surgeon and follow the success of other breast augmentation patients, and perform the movements as your comfort level allows.

You will most likely be instructed to perform stretching exercises and low impact activities until you can do your normal routines without any discomfort.  There is a chance that your chest will just feel a little different from now on, but you can do all the exercises you used to do once you’ve fully recovered.

Keep Them Supported

Make a point of asking your surgeon and other patients what type of bra they recommend for exercise after augmentation surgery.  You will need the utmost in support, especially at the beginning of your return to exercise.  Ask questions, follow instructions and listen to your body and you will be as fit as you were before the procedure.