How Does an Eyelid Surgery Work against Migraines?

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Eyelid surgery isn’t one of the most popular procedures, but it is one of the most significant in reliving migraines.

A successful eyelid surgery could easily help you achieve relief from headaches and migraines when performed on patients with these chronic issues. If you suffer from severe migraines, ask your doctor about eyelid surgery and if they feel it is right for your circumstances. It might be the one thing that helps alleviate the pain and allows you to prevent migraines from happening.

What Does an Eyelid Surgery Consist Of?

Eyelid surgery usually consists of the removal of fat and the altering or tightening of the skin surrounding the eye and lid. The lid may even be lifted during the procedure. When being performed for cosmetic purposes, people receive eyelid surgery to have their upper eyelids lifted and to remove the sagginess of under eyelids, which also helps to reduce under eye circles and puffiness.

How Does Eyelid Surgery Alleviate Migraines?

According to a study posted on, nearly 90% of patients who have undergone eyelid surgery to alleviate the pain of migraines have had successful results. This surgical alternative has become a popular option for men and women due to the fact that it has such a high success rate for preventing and treating migraines.

Not too much is known as to why eyelid surgery helps prevent and treat migraines, mainly because migraines are still under investigation and little is known as to why we get them. Nevertheless, studies have shown that the surgery has been affective, along with the use of Botox treatments. Less sensitivity to light and a significant decrease in pain have all been noted in patients that have received the surgery for relief.

Eyelid surgery is a less invasive surgery than the alternatives also suggested to help treat migraines. Usually, incisions are made near the scalp and a somewhat intrusive procedure is performed.

Surgeons have learned that eyelid surgery is often times a better alternative along with Botox. While some might be frightened at the prospect of getting any surgeries performed at all, it has been proven to greatly help reduce migraines from existing and has a relatively fast recovery period.

If you suffer from chronic migraines and headaches, contact the office of Dr. Levine today. It might be the only thing that offers great relief from such an awful and persistent occurrence.

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