Breastfeed With ImplantsMany women who have breast implants at a young age – such as late teens and early 20s – may feel a twinge of regret when they meet someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with and want to start a family. They may have concerns about their ability to breastfeed their babies. Some may even think that breastfeeding with implants is impossible.

In reality, most women with breast implants can breastfeed; and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. Whether they get silicone or saline implants, neither of them have a risk of leaking into the breast milk. So if a woman can produce milk, she has the right to breastfeed.

Factors that Affect Ability to Breastfeed

However, not every woman can breastfeed after having implants. It depends on the type of surgery performed. If the incisions are made through the armpit, muscle of the chest wall or under the crease of breast, then you shouldn’t have trouble breastfeeding.

The problems happen when the doctor makes incisions in the nipple or around the areola – like a smile. This puts pressure on the mammary gland, which compromises its functioning and can negatively affect lactation. The milk ducts surround this area and it is possible that they can be cut during the implant procedure. In addition, a nerve can also be cut, resulting in increased sensitivity for the woman, also negatively affecting breastfeeding.

Many doctors like to make the incisions there for cosmetic purposes, however, because it makes the scar less noticeable. If you have any intention of breastfeeding, though, then you should bring this to the doctor’s attention before the surgery.


Despite the good news that breastfeeding is possible after breast implants, as with any surgery, there are risks. Even when the implant is inserted correctly, mistakes can occur during surgery. In addition, pregnancy can change the size and shape of your breasts. Therefore, if you’re not done with your family, waiting may be the most viable option. This would increase the chance that you would be satisfied with the outcome – of both the breast size and the ability to breastfeed.

Interested in Breast Implants – and Breastfeeding?

It’s possible to have both breast implants and the ability to breastfeed. However, you should express your concerns with Dr. Ronald Levine. He can give you the information you need to make an informed decision. You can us call office at (416) 236-2581 for more information.