In the world of plastic surgery, breast augmentation refers to making your breasts larger or fuller with the help of implants. Even though it is a full surgical procedure, breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after procedures women want.

The appeal of breast augmentation depends on each individual situation, but more and more women are moving in that direction for a multitude of reasons.

Small Breasts

Most people know breast augmentation as a solution for small breasts or uneven breasts. Smaller breasts are not a problem in themselves, but many women are dissatisfied if they end up on the lower end of the breast size scale, so they choose breast augmentation to change the situation.

Implants are used to increase the actual size of the breast, and although many of us picture breast implants to be very large when we think of augmentation, the changes can be more subtle and look best if they are chosen to compliment your body size. A board certified plastic surgeon can assist you in making the right size choice so your augmentation looks natural.

Uneven Breasts

Balance is a big part of aesthetically pleasing breasts for most women. And sometimes, nature makes it so they just aren’t in balance. You may be satisfied with the size, but if one is noticeably larger or smaller than the other, you may want a change. Breast augmentation can balance out your breasts so that they are more symmetrical.

Keeping It Real

Whether implants are used to enhance the size of the breasts or a surgical lift is performed to alter the shape, the real appeal of breast augmentation lies in the how satisfied you are as a patient once it’s all over. People can tell you that the size and shape of your breasts “shouldn’t” make a difference in your self-esteem and self-confidence, but in many cases that just isn’t reality.

And that’s not to say you should base how you feel about yourself on your breast size. You can have the greatest breast augmentation in the world, but if you don’t feel good about yourself on the inside it won’t make a difference.

Breast augmentation works best for people who do feel good about themselves, except in that one area. You can workout and change your energy and way of thinking, but you can’t change the size and shape of your breasts without surgery. And if changing the shape or size of your breasts even a little will help make you more confident, how can that be bad?