Breast implants are one of those products that receive a lot of attention and press, both good and bad.  You can find many stories of how breast augmentation improved a woman’s relationship or her self-image or her confidence.  At the same time, there is no shortage of stories detailing negative aspects of breast implants.

Of course, a good deal of the negative beliefs and stories about implants are actually untrue.  Breast implant myths have been around for a long time, so it’s time to put a few of them to rest.

The ‘Obvious’ Implant

One myth about implants is that everyone in the world will automatically know that you have breast implants as soon as they take a glance.  This is certainly a possibility, but by no means an absolute.  An experienced surgeon with the proper size and placement will produce natural looking results that only your closest friends and family members will know about.

Frequent Surgeries

Many women hear that if they get breast implants, they’ll need replacements every handful of years.  This is not true, and the only reason you’ll need your implants replaced is if you encounter a problem.  There are lots of breast implant recipients who’ve had the same implants for more than 20 years without any major issues, and with the same natural look and feel from the beginning.

Altering Lifestyle

The idea that you have to change your lifestyle and modify physical activity is another breast implant myth.  Obviously, you can’t run out and play sports or work out the same night after surgery.  However, after you’re healed and feeling back to normal, you can do all the same activities you did prior to surgery.

You Can Use Any Surgeon

Thinking that a plastic surgeon is a plastic surgeon is a plastic surgeon is a myth that can get you into trouble when it comes to your breast implants.  Above all else, look for a surgeon that has ample experience with breast implants and has all of the necessary certifications and licenses.  Using a plastic surgeon that doesn’t specialize in breasts can lead to disastrous results.

They Rupture Easily

 As you can imagine, breast implants are a product that are strenuously tested on a very regular basis.  And while it is true that they can rupture under certain conditions, it’s by no means a regular occurrence, and is in fact quite rare.

You Can’t Breastfeed

The statement that you can’t breastfeed with implants is a myth.  Many patients often breastfeed after implants.