Although most people associate breast augmentation with making the breasts larger, that isn’t the only reason that women opt to have it done.  Another common reason is to even out lopsided or asymmetrical breasts.  It can be incredibly frustrating to exercise and eat right to get the body you want, only to have it look out of proportion because your breasts aren’t the same size.  Luckily, breast implants can help solve your problem.

Is It Common?

No woman has breasts that are perfectly symmetrical.  One is always slightly larger or shaped a little differently than the other.  However, in some cases that difference is noticeable even with clothes on and it can create self-esteem issues as well as a lot of difficulty finding a bra that fits.  Many women are just born this way, but if you find that one breast changes all of a sudden, make sure you visit your doctor to pinpoint a reason.

Breast Augmentation Solution

If you are really unhappy with your breast symmetry, a plastic surgeon could be the answer you are looking for.  Breast augmentation surgery can balance out your breasts so they are relatively close in size and shape.

A plastic surgeon has different options on placing implants of different shape, size and volume in each breast, which will even out any imbalances.  In the majority of cases, breast augmentation will give you the natural, balanced look you’ve been looking for, and any negative aspects of your ‘lopsided breasts’ will be a thing of the past.