They’re stubborn and unwanted build-ups of fat that, despite our best efforts, cannot be easily gotten rid of. Localized fat deposits add unsightly bulges in parts of our bodies we’re they’re not welcome, throwing off the natural shape and contour of our body.

Liposuction ProcedureWorse, they can show up in visible areas, such as our abdomen, waste, hips, buttocks, back, arms, neck, knees and inner and outer thighs.

Luckily, these fat deposits can be targeted carefully and exactly through a liposuction procedure done by the experienced Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Levine.

Using a popular technique known as tumescent liposuction, Dr. Levine will hone in on the unwanted fatty area and inject it with a mixture of fluid and local anaesthetic. In this minimally-invasive procedure, he will use a very small incision to suction out the unwanted weight addition.

The effectiveness of liposuction when it comes to targeting specific spots of fatty cells can’t be underestimated. The technique is a time-tested and true way to sculpt your body from something you don’t like into something you do – improving not just the way you physically look but also how you feel about yourself, boosting your self-confidence.

It’s a safe and easy way to quickly and dramatically improve your body, with the stubborn fat deposits erased and a new version of you coming out of it at the end.

Dr. Levine will conduct an in-depth consultation with potential patients to ensure they’re a good fit for spot-reduction liposuction, and to inform them of the details and results they can expect from the popular procedure. He knows that each patient’s needs are as unique as their body, and will tailor his approach to the patient.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team to find out how to improve your body and create a new you!