We’re used to getting questions about liposuction, a common procedure that targets specific deposits of fat and removes them usually a minimally invasive technique.

LiposuctionAfter “What is it?” and “How can it work on my body’s fatty areas?” a very regular query is whether it will have immediate results that show up on the scale.

The short answer is minimal weight loss, as fat does not weigh that much. The patient will see immediate change in their shape.

But it’s important to remember that liposuction is meant not as a straightforward way to shed some overall pounds, but rather a procedure tailored to changing your body shape by sculpting it into a leaner, toner you.

It does this by targeting specific and localized deposits of fat: deposits which are often genetically predetermined and unresponsive to traditional weight loss and exercise techniques.

Liposuction done by Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. Levine will zero in on specific and localized fatty areas. These can include love handles, arms and neck, waist, abdomen, hips, chest, thighs, knees, buttocks and back.

Most of our liposuction patients can return home the same day of the procedure and get back to work within a week. This is because the procedure is minimally invasive, involving very small incisions and fatty cells under the skin suctioned out through small caliber cannulas.

Though there will be immediate results, the recovery time to for your body to adopt its new shape and contour will be about a month.

Dr. Levine tailors each and every one of his surgery procedures to the specific needs of his patients. Their bodies are unique, and so is the procedure. This is why he conducts an in-depth consultation with each prospective patient. They are informed of the specifics of liposuction, and how it can help them with their individual body problem and give them the result they deserve!