Brides everywhere have one thing in common: they all want to look their best on one of the most important days of their life – their wedding day.

LiposuctionBecause of this, many brides are saying “I do” to liposuction before their big day in hopes of looking their best when you walk the aisle.

A safe and minimally invasive liposuction procedure can be just the right thing to make sure you look your best in your wedding dress. That’s because liposuction will target the parts of your body that will be most visible on your wedding day.

These include:

  • Your face and neck area, which will be featured in your wedding photographs
  • Your back, which in many of the trendy wedding gowns today will be exposed
  • Your buttocks and also your stomach, both of which will make sure your body looks toner and curvier in front of your wedding guests

Additionally liposuction procedures don’t leave extensive noticeable marks, meaning that no one will be aware of the pre-wedding liposuction procedure.

Even the most relaxed people tend to find that weddings are high-stress situations. Not only are all of your friends and family in one place, but all eyes are on the bride. While not everyone is materialistic, it is embedded in our nature to look at the dress, how it fits, and how the bride looks overall. Taking measures to ensure you’re comfortable with how you look will give you the opportunity to focus on the important parts of your day!

Dr. Levine uses a liposuction technique known as tumescent liposuction, which suctions out fat using very small incisions that measure only two to three millimetres in length. The procedure can be done as day surgery, and can be performed using either a local or a general anesthetic.

Recovery from the procedure is relatively minor. Patients can go back to work in about one week, which means that even when you’re approaching your wedding date, you still have the option to be your best you!