After having a liposuction procedure, your body begins the recovery process. This involves several things to keep in mind and additional steps to go through.
After Liposuction
One possible concern is around the incision made during liposuction. These cuts can leak or drain out fluids for several days after the operation.

Also key is wearing compression garments afterwards. These tight-fitting garments will compress the skin and help prevent fluid leakage or other problems with recovery. The garment wrap will usually be worn for several weeks post-procedure.

You will also be given some important instructions on what you can and cannot do during recovery. For example, you may be prescribed an antibiotic. You’ll also be told about restrictions on physical movement resulting from the operation, to make sure you and your body stay safe during the recovery phase. Also, you will be given information about any signs such as possible infections during the recovery.

There may be pain and also swelling afterward. The pain should be manageable and not last long. There will also be some swelling. Though the compression garments assist in minimizing the swelling, it can remain for several weeks or more after the operation.

You can also expect some minor scarring, from where the liposuction incisions were made and the fat tissue removed.

And of course, after the recovery phase is done you can expect to feel the impact of liposuction through a better-looking body and improved self-image.

The best way to know what may be in store for you after you have a liposuction done is to talk to us here at the Dr. Ronald Levine clinic in advance to go through any concerns or questions you may have.