Are Selfies Affecting Plastic Surgery?

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In recent years, plastic surgeons have noticed a somewhat drastic increase in the number of patients inquiring about rhinoplasty. While this operation has always been a favorite solution for individuals who wish to have a more symmetrical nose, the number of patients opting in for the surgery is larger than ever.

So what’s causing this increase? Why have these numbers been on such a constant rise? According to physiological research, it may be thanks to the selfie.

A ‘selfie’ is where a person will snap a photograph of themselves using their smart phone. After the photo is captured, it’s shared on social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook.

Once the picture is uploaded, their friends will be able to view it and click the like button underneath the photo for instant gratification for the poster. This in turn becomes somewhat of a self-evaluated popularity contest. You see instantly which angles people ‘like’ you best in, and in which pictures you feel most confident with.

Selfies are forcing us more and more to be faced with our appearance. The more conscious we become of our looks, the easier it is becoming for us to identify flaws. This isn’t actually a negative thing – knowing how we want our physical appearance improved can help us target problem areas and pinpoint a solution.

The problem only occurs when people compare their image to another persons’ image. Selfies can be a great tool in identifying new aesthetic goals, but it’s important to remember that beauty goals
should always be based around what you want to improve upon yourself, not based around how you want to look like another person.

What Age Groups Make up Rhinoplasty Patients?

Selfies are much more common amongst the younger crowd, but rhinoplasty has remained popular among all age groups, proving that while selfies may be adding to the trend, they’re by no means fully responsible for its popularity.

If you’re interested in a nose job, first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I want a nose job? Is it so I’m happier with my own appearance, or so I appear more attractive to other people?
  • Does my nose match the size or shape of my face?
  • Am I ready to make a permanent change in my appearance?

If you’ve determined that you desire rhinoplasty for the right reasons, then contact the office of Dr. Levine today! We can help you perfect your selfie so you project the best you possible!

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