Sadly, a tummy-tuck is often the only option to get a flat stomach. Our bodies are notorious for keeping fat around trouble spots no matter what exercises we do, and if your body prefers to store fat in your stomach, it can be nearly impossible to get rid of it without surgery.

Post Tummy Tuck Must-Do Care

The good news is that modern tummy-tuck surgery is safe and common. Follow these tips to make sure you recover safely and quickly:

1. Eliminate Strenuous Physical Exercise for Six Months

Tummy-tucks are not as invasive as many other surgeries, but their location is a problem. Almost everything you do engages your core abdominals, and if you engage them too much, it can damage your incision area.

Surgeons recommend that you avoid strenuous physical exercise like sports, weight lifting, and running until at least six months after your surgery. It’s not idea, but it’s safe. Look into walking or light stretches as an alternative.

2. Give Up Housework for Three Weeks

This one isn’t so bad! Housework and childcare tend to involve a lot of lifting, which is a big problem after tummy-tuck surgery. Hire baby-sitters, guilt-trip spouses, or prepare meals in advance. Do what you need to do to take it easier on yourself for the first few weeks.

3. Take Sponge Baths for Two Weeks

Tap water is not sterile, and should not be allowed to get in your sutures. Take sponge baths using sterile water it to keep clean until your incision heals over. You can simply boil your tap water and let it cool before using.

4. Leave the Cigarettes in the Trash Forever

You’ll have already given up smoking about twenty days before your surgery. It’s important not to start again!

Although smoking is most dangerous leading up to a surgery because of its effect on blood pressure, it’s also not a good idea while in recovery. Nicotine and hydrogen cyanide both constrict your blood vessels, making it harder for blood to get to your skin and heal it. Smoking during recovery means you’ll be down for longer and will likely end up with more scarring.

5. Wear Firming Support for One Month

For the first month, your tummy may have a little swelling. Use a girdle recommended by your doctor to control that.

6. Stay Positive Always!

Because of the location of the incision, recovering from a tummy tuck can be more work than many other cosmetic enhancements. Stay positive and remember that you’ll be back to one hundred percent soon!