Plastic Surgery Barrie, Ontario

Dr. Ronald Levine is proud to offer experienced and professional cosmetic surgery services to the bustling city of Barrie Ontario. Gaining a strong reputation for its myriad boutiques, local art, and live theatre, this growing city features a historic downtown area with an iconic waterfront which is a keen tourist attraction. Host to a variety of festivals which draw visitors from all over the world, there is more and more pressure for residents to look and feel their best.

Juggling a family and career in a bustling city can be no small task but it is important to make the time to take care of yourself as well. Pressure to work your hardest while looking fresh, youthful, and full of energy can be high but a great way to stay competitive in the growing job market is by investing in a more youthful and toned appearance from one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Ontario.

Barrie may be a growing city but for the smoothest and more professional cosmetic services and peace of mind, it is worth traveling the relatively short distance to Toronto. Enjoy attentive and personal service, an experienced and highly skilled surgeon, and the confidence that comes with many years of satisfied customers. Dr. Levine is also a full Professor at the University of Toronto.

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To get to our cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in Toronto, follow the driving directions below:

  1. Head southeast on Bayfield St toward Dunlop St. W
  2. Turn right into Dunlop St. W
  3. Turn left to merge onto 400 toward Toronto
  4. Exit left at 401, keep left and merge onto 401 W
  5. Exit at Islington Ave/356
  6. Continue on Islington Ave S
  7. Turn left onto Aberfoyle Crescent
  8. Turn left into number 56


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