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Dr. Ronald Levine is proud to offer experienced and professional cosmetic surgery services to the residents of Etobicoke, Ontario. This city features a booming construction industry and a growing Film and Television industry. Home to a number of public park and golf courses, it is no secret that residents of Etobicoke know how to work hard and also how to kick back and relax.

But pressure is on to maintain a youthful, fresh appearance, especially in the competitive job market. Residents who find themselves desiring a bit of an aesthetic “pick-me-up” in order to improve their professional – or social – lives, should look no farther than the clinic of Dr. Levine. Specializing in breast implants and mommy makeovers, he is a well-respected surgeon with many years of experience in a wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Levine is also a full Professor at the University of Toronto.

With a diverse population of almost 350 000, this former municipality of Toronto is a primarily suburban area with low population density and few local options for skilled cosmetic surgery. Luckily, Etobicoke is but a short drive from Toronto, home to one of Ontario’s best cosmetic surgeons. For the most professional and attentive services you can imagine, residents of Etobicoke seeking plastic surgery will find it a worthwhile investment to travel to a more urban hub. Give yourself peace of mind with trusted and experienced high quality services.

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To get to our cosmetic plastic surgery clinic in Toronto from Etobicoke, follow the driving directions below:

  1. Head southeast on Islington Ave
  2. Take Gardiner Expressway E ramp
  3. Keep right at fork, follow signs for Islington Ave N
  4. Turn right onto Aberfoyle Crescent
  5. Turn left into 56


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