Brazilian Butt Lift

Who is a Candidate for Fat Transfer for the Buttocks

Buttocks Augmentation is becoming a very popular procedure in North America. It can be performed on younger patients who are unhappy about their overall size. It can also be done on older patients who are unhappy with the changes of aging, where the buttock can become flat and saggy. If the patient has adequate fat in other areas, such as abdomen, back rolls and legs, the preferred technique for buttocks augmentation is to take fat from these areas and transfer it to the Buttocks. If the patient does not have adequate fat, then an implant is the way to go. This will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Levine.

What is the Technique if the patient has adequate fat?

If the patient has adequate fat, the preferred technique is the transfer of fat to the Buttocks. The fat is taken from areas such as abdomen, love handles and legs by liposuction. The fat is then prepared and then injected into the buttocks. This is done through very small incisions of less than 1 millimeter. This procedure is essentially without scars.

What is the procedure if the patient has inadequate fat?

If the patient does not have adequate fat, the Brazilian Buttocks Lift is done by using an implant similar to a breast implant. This is done by a small incision in the midline between the two Buttocks. The implant is placed above the muscle.

What happens Post-Operatively?

The post -operative care for both fat injections and implants are the same.

What are the Recovery and Results like with Brazilian Butt Lifts?

You will experience some bruising, swelling and even mild pain. These are all natural aftereffects of a Brazilian butt lift and you do not need to be alarmed.

Eventually, swelling will go down and discomfort will diminish. Dr. Levine will notify you before the procedure whether or not pain medications will be prescribed. Dr. Levine may also recommend a compression garment to be worm for up to a month after your lift. If this is the case, he will let you know this information ahead of time as well.

Within a day or two you should be able to walk around. Do not attempt any excessive exercise and avoid sitting on your backside for long periods of time for at least two weeks following a butt lift. If possible, sleep on your abdomen or side to reduce discomfort at night.

After several weeks you will notice results. Your buttocks will appear firmer, more voluminous and sit higher.

How do you know if you’re a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Levine takes the time to sit down with each patient to ensure they understand their procedure. He answers questions and explains in detail exactly what you are having done.

If you are in good health and maintain a stable diet, you are generally seen as a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. For more information on whether or not this procedure is right for you, contact Dr. Levine’s team to book a consultation today!


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