Liposuction Surgery

What is liposuction?

Who is a good candidate for liposuction?

Can liposuction be used to lose weight?

How is liposuction performed?

What are post-op care instructions of liposuction?

Are the results of liposuction permanent?

How much does liposuction cost?

What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure that slims and reshapes specific areas of the body. It differs from a tummy tuck and often accompanies that type of surgery. The reshaping of specific areas of the body during a liposuction procedure is done by:

  • Removing excess fat deposits
  • Improving body contours and proportion

It can be performed alone or as a compliment to other surgeries such as:

Liposuction can be used to reduce confined fat deposits in the:

  • Thighs, Inner and Outer
  • Hips and buttocks
  • Abdomen and waist
  • Upper arms
  • Back
  • Inner knee
  • Chest area

Although liposuction is normally thought of as a female-centric procedure, men make up about 15-25% of liposuction patients who wish to treat excess fat around their:

  • Chin and neck
  • Abdomen
  • Love-handles (flanks)
  • Chest (see gynomastia)

Once the procedure is completed your skin will adjust to the new contours of the treated areas giving you a smoother, firmer skin tone.

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering liposuction:

  • It is not a treatment for obesity
  • It is not a substitute for proper diet and exercise
  • It is not a treatment for cellulite

Who is a good candidate for liposuction?

To know if liposuction is right for you, review this list:

  • Are you within 30% of your ideal weight?
  • Do you have firm, elastic skin and good muscle tone?
  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions that may interfere with this kind of surgery?
  • Do you maintain an active, healthy lifestyle?
  • Have you tried diet and exercise to rid your body of excess fat deposits but found that nothing works?

On the other hand, you may not be a good candidate for liposuction if any of the following apply to your situation:

  • You are pregnant or nursing
  • You suffer from severe depression, body dysmorphia, anorexia nervosa, bulimia or other eating disorders
  • You have severe health problems that could worsen after this type of surgery
  • You are morbidly obese

Can liposuction be used to lose weight?

The short answer is no, liposuction is not an alternative to traditional weight loss methods.

  • Liposuction is used for figure contouring and removing problem areas
  • It cannot eliminate stretch marks and cellulite
  • This procedure is not used to remove large quantities of fat, only localized concentrations
  • In most cases, less than 5 litres of fat is removed from the treated area and not enough to constitute a significant weight loss

Many pregnant women wonder if liposuction is right for them to get their abdomens back to their post-pregnancy state. Before considering liposuction after giving birth consider these factors:

  • You should wait at least 3 months after your delivery to give your body ample time to heal
  • You should not get liposuction if you are still breast feeding and should wait until your baby has stopped breast feeding for at least  3 months

How is liposuction performed?

The liposuction procedure is fairly simple.

  • You will receive medication to ensure you are calm and comfortable during the surgery
  • You will be given local anesthesia, intravenous sedation or general anesthesia
  • The area to be liposuctioned is first injected with a saline solution called tumescent fluid
  • Small inconspicuous incisions are made
  • A thin, hollow tube known as a cannula is inserted through the incisions
    • The cannula is moved back and forth in a controlled motion to loosen excess fat
  • A vacuum is used to suction the dislodged fat out of the body
    • A syringe, attached to the cannula can also be used to remove the fat

What are post-op care instructions of liposuction?

It’s important that you follow these instructions to ensure your body heals properly.

  • The dressing you receive must be worn for 2 – 3 days
  • You will need to wear a compression garment for 1 month
  • You will experience redness, bruises and swelling
    • This is normal and it go away within a few weeks
  • Avoid high steam/humidity areas like saunas, baths, solariums and swimming pools until the puncture wounds have healed
  • Do not perform any strenuous activities for 2 -4 weeks following surgery
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Do not smoke
    • Smoking will dangerously interfere with the healing process
  • Do not consume alcohol until you have fully healed
  • Post op drainage of fluid is normal and not dangerous

Are the results of liposuction permanent?

The answer is yes, the results of liposuction are permanent. Because of the nature of fat cells in the body, liposuction does not alter your body’s chemistry.

  • Fat cells that are removed by liposuction do not grow back
  • If you do gain weight in the years following the procedure, your figure will adapt to the larger shape your body takes on

How much does liposuction cost?

The cost of liposuction varies depending on which areas are treated:

  • There will be a facility fee and an anesthesia fee
  • The total cost for an abdominal liposuction is $5000 + HST
  • The total cost for leg liposuction is $5000 + HST
  • The costs are less if multiple areas are done at the same time


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