Thigh Lift

What is a thigh lift?

What should I expect during consultation for a thigh lift?

What are the procedural steps of a thigh lift?

How long will it take to recover from a thigh lift?

Are the results of a thigh lift long-lasting?

How much does a thigh lift cost?

What is a thigh lift?

Sometimes fat cells, cellulite and excess skin will accumulate on the thighs. This undesired excess can make people appear heavier than they are and less fit. It can make an individual feel self-conscious about their appearance. A procedure such as a thigh lift can remedy sagging skin and improve the overall look and feel of your thighs.

This surgical procedure, also known as a thighplasty, reshapes the thighs by reducing extra skin. In some cases, excess fat is also reduced. After a thigh lift your skin will appear smoother, more proportional and better fit the contours of your lower body.

You should consider a thigh lift if:

  • Traditional fitness and weight loss efforts have not led to a firmer thigh area
  • Your thigh area is not proportionate to your overall body image
  • You’ve lost a significant amount of weight from your thigh area and the skin is saggy or loose
  • Your skin has lost some or most of its elasticity, especially after childbirth

A thigh lift will not:

What should I expect during consultation for a thigh lift?

Your thigh lift consultation should last about  ½ an hour. We will discuss these aspects with you:

  • Your needs and goals for this surgery
    • We need to ensure that you have realistic expectations
  • We will discuss the outcome of the surgery and any risks or potential complications
  • We will make sure you understand the procedure, the use of anesthesia, and answer your questions in the most detailed manner possible
  • We will perform an examination of the area you wish to lift – in this case the thighs and surrounding area
  • We will ask if you have any existing medical conditions or drug allergies
  • We will need to know if you are currently taking any medications, vitamins or herbal supplements
  • We will ask to which frequency you consume alcohol, cigarettes or other stimulants
  • If you do smoke, it is important that you stop at least four weeks prior to your surgery
    • Smoking can hinder the healing process
    • It is also imperative that you do not smoke during your recovery period

What are the procedural steps of a thigh lift?

A thigh lift follows a very specific procedure.

1. Anesthesia:

  • You will be administered anesthesia
    • Through intravenous sedation OR
    • General anesthesia
    • We will discuss the use of anesthesia in our initial consultation

2. Incision:

In terms of patterns, incisions vary based on your thighs and the degree of correction needed. This will be discussed

  • A medial thigh lift targets the inner thigh
    • An incision is made at the area where the thigh meets the pubic area
    • A wedge of skin and fat is removed
    • This will target the upper inner thigh only
    • A full medial thigh lift is usually done after weight loss
    • The incision is usually a T type incision which extends down the inner leg
    • The incision can extend all the way to the knee depending on the amount of excess skin
  • A lateral thigh lift deals with the front and outside of the leg
    • An incision is made near the top of the leg
    • A small amount of skin is removed
    • The remaining skin is pulled up and attached to the same area
  • For thigh lifts the incisions are usually minimal and barely noticeable
  • The core tissue base will be reshaped and tightened
  • The skin will be reduced and further reshaped to give your body contours a smoother and proportionate appearance

3. Closing the incisions:

  • Deep support sutures are placed within the underlying tissues to form the new contours
  • The sutures are then closed

How long will it take to recover from a thigh lift?

In total, thigh lift recovery can last up to 6 months; however, every individual recovers at their own pace.

  • Upon completion of your surgery, dressing or bandages will be applied to your incisions
  • You may be asked to wear a compression garment to support your new thigh contours and minimize swelling
  • The deep sutures will dissolve on their own within four months
  • If you have any sutures in the skin, we will remove them 1-2 weeks after your surgery
  • We ask that you take 10 - 14 days off work to rest
  • Some swelling and bruising may occur post-surgery
    • This is normal and will fade, usually within a few weeks
  • You should avoid exercise and strenuous activities for the first few months after your thigh lift
    • Light exercise is fine but please consult if you feel any discomfort when walking after the first month

Are the results of a thigh lift long-lasting?

The results of a thigh lift are visible immediately. You will notice that your skin is taught and has dramatically improved even through the post-op bruising. A thigh lift is permanent and long-lasting. There are some things to consider about your new and improved thighs:

  • Faint scarring is possible
  • You will need to maintain a stable weight and keep active
  • You may lost some firmness as you age
    • This is natural but the smoother, tighter contours from your thigh lift will be apparent forever

How much does a thigh lift cost?

The price of a thigh lift procedure varies:

  • It depends on the type of lift – medial or full thigh lift
  • There will be a facility fee and an anesthesia fee. The total fee for a medial thigh lift will be $7000 + HST. The total price for a full thigh lift is $ 11,000 + HST


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